8 Most Common Pregnancy Myths DEBUNKED

Myth 3: No coffee allowed during pregnancy

You might need to eliminate several of your regular breakfast items while pregnant, like runny eggs or cold cut meats, but coffee isn’t one of them. It is required, though, that you stick to just 1-2 cups (or 200 mg of caffeine) per day. In fact, that’s about the same amount of caffeine you get from a regular 10-ounce Starbucks coffee.

Myth 4: Pregnant women aren’t allowed on flights

You might have heard that pregnant women aren’t allowed on flights during their first and last trimesters, but that’s just absolutely not true! Flying is one of the safest ways to travel when you’re pregnant, and unless your doctor has banned you from traveling, you should be just fine.

Some airlines will not accept you if you are at the end of your pregnancy, but they’re just afraid you might go into labor mid-flight. Even then, short distance flights are mostly not a problem.

Myth 5: Eat for 2 now that you’re pregnant

While your body does require a bit of extra nutrition during pregnancy – because, you know, it’s growing a human in there – that’s only about 300 extra calories, and only in the later stages of your pregnancy. In fact, overeating, especially junk food, can lead to an overweight baby, and not to mention, making it harder for you to lose it all afterward.

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