Creepily Accurate Predictions Made In The Past That Came True

3. Donald Trump’s Presidency

The Simpsons have proven to have a track record in making ridiculous assumptions that came true down the years. One of those is the prediction that Donald Trump will become the president of the United States. This was shown in an episode in the year 2000 called “Bart to the Future”. And what do you know, 16 years later, and it’s an actuality!

4. John Elfreth Watkins’ Predictions

In 1900, American civil engineer John Elfreth Watkins made a series of predictions about the world a 100 years later that were alarmingly accurate.

Among his predictions were the invention of the television, mobile phones and wireless technology, instant color photography, ready-to-eat meals, artificially grown vegetables, express trains and more. Here are a few quotes of his assumptions:

“Vegetables will be bathed in powerful electric light, serving, like sunlight, to hasten their growth.”

“Ready-cooked meals will be bought from establishment similar to our bakeries of today.”

“Photographs will be telegraphed from any distance. If there be a battle in China a hundred years hence, snapshots of its most striking events will be published in the newspapers an hour later…. photographs will reproduce all of nature’s colours.”

5. Global Warming

Given that even today many deny the effects of global warming, including the aforementioned POTUS, it’s quite astonishing that a congressman in Vermont was able to understand and articulate that global warming was happening and being accelerated by human intervention in the year 1847!

George Perkins Marsh, known to be the first person to talk about the effects of humans on this planet, said: “It is certain that climate itself has in many instances been gradually changed and ameliorated or deteriorated by human action.”

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