Food Photography Tips: How To Take The Perfect Food Pic With Your Phone

Nowadays, literally everyone takes a picture of their food before taking a bite. I mean, walk into a restaurant and the only odd one out would be the guy who doesn’t pull his phone out for a picture the minute his food arrives!

And why not capture the beauty of the food that gives us sustenance? Why not celebrate the hard work that’s gone into not just creating the delicious food in front of you, but also the care and effort taken to presenting it in such a beautiful manner. And let’s not forget giving all our friends the #foodenvy when they see it!

You might have scrolled down your instagram feed, only to wish you could take such beautiful photographs. Because some people can make even the least appetizing food look amazing, and then there are others…

Fret not, because we’ve gathered a list of tips and tricks that anyone can use to bring their food photography skills up a notch, and you won’t need any special equipment other than your smartphone!

Let’s get started:

1. Lighting is Everything

Make this your mantra: lighting is everything. And the best kind of light that you can get is the natural kind. That’s right, no fancy lighting equipment needed when you’ve got the sun! Shoot your food photos near a window, but make sure there isn’t too much lighting. If there’s too much sunlight, move your food away from the window. You don’t have to stick to a single location either. Different places in your home will have different levels of lighting throughout the day, so don’t be afraid to switch it up!

2. Pick the Right Angle

Not all food looks great from all angles (kind of like the humans that create it, amiright?). So, play around with a few different angles until you find the right one. Two of the most flattering angles for food are straight above or from the front. The former is suitable for food that has lots of toppings and not a lot of height, and the latter for food that is tall and has interest down the sides. Sometimes, shooting at a diagonal can also come in handy as well.

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