Food Photography Tips: How To Take The Perfect Food Pic With Your Phone

3. Keep it Simple

When it comes to food photography, less is always more. Having too many things in one picture will take the focus away from the actual food, and make it look less attractive. Food is naturally colorful and chaotic in itself, having a simple background will help make these elements pop. Use a white plate for maximum impact. But if your food is light/white colored, maybe a black plate would be better.

4. Keep it Neat

It’s better to have your food neatly arranged. Spills and messy food can look unappetizing. Clean up your plate before taking the photo. Of course, a few carefully placed “spills” can look good, but they need to be made on purpose to compliment the picture.

You should also make your picture look as symmetrical as possible. This is especially important if you plan on shooting it from above. A clean, neat and symmetrical plate looks more professional, and therefore makes for a better food photo.

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