The Best Hairstyles For Women With Different Face Shapes

Round-Shaped Face

If you have a round face, it means that it’s all in one smooth shape, and there aren’t any prominent jawlines or cheekbones that stand out. It also means that you appear younger, thanks to the “baby face” look. Round-faced girls are also often seen as “cute” or “sweet”.

Try: The goal with styling hair for a round shape is to make it appear longer, more like an oval shape. You can do this by having long hair with lots of definition and layers. Style your hair with some untucked strands of hair framing the sides of your face, even in an up-do. You will also be looking to add angles wherever you can, so try an asymmetrical ‘do if you want a shorter style, and pair it with side swept fringe or off-center part.

Avoid: Haircuts that are all in one length fall flat against a round-shaped face, especially when it comes to super short cuts. They appear boring, and will make your face look like a beach ball – something you definitely do not want!

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