These are Some of the Most Terrifying Creatures That Live Under The Sea

When you think of the sea, the images that come into your mind are probably sprawling beaches with gentle waves, beautiful blue water and just all around fun things in general. But just imagining the sheer depth and width of it will bring you to your knees. I mean, more than half the planet we live in is covered by oceans!

What would one find if they were to venture off into the deepest depths of this mammoth body of water? We don’t know all of the things that it hides, but we do know that there are some truly terrifying creatures that call it home. Scary, fascinating, and awe-inspiring are all words that describe such beings.

Here are some of the most terrifying creatures that live under the sea.

1. Northern Stargazer

Despite -or perhaps fittingly – a name that makes it sound like a telescope or something from outer space, this terrifying sea creature looking like a rotting dead alien head. Other than its unsightly appearance, it also has the delightful habit of burying itself in the sand, only to appear suddenly and electrically shock unsuspecting prey. It is usually found in the Eastern region of USA.

2. Giant Squid

This is one sea creature that will not be making it’s way onto your plate doused in salt and pepper! The giant squid was thought to be a myth until very recently. Although it’s existence has been confirmed, it still remains a mystery despite being the largest known invertebrate in the world. What we do know is that it can measure up to 44 feet with 10-inch eyeballs and weigh around 440 pounds!

3. Giant Isopod

Think an outbreak of head lice at your child’s kindergarten is a nightmare? You’ll change your mind once you see this picture of a mammoth sea woodlouse that lives about 2000 meters under the sea. And there’s no way to get rid of them because they’ve apparently been living on this planet long before us – since a time when all of the continents were still fused together.

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