10 Clothes Middle-Aged Women Should Avoid

Your thirties are an exciting time in your life, we would argue just as much as your twenties. But, of course, there’s a lot of difference between the two decades; you’ve grown into your “big girl pants”, you’re more mature, confident, assured, and just have a better sense of your self in general.

But one area that can be hard to grow out of is your dressing style. As you approach middle age, you can no longer look to instagram models and social media influencers to tell you what will look good and what won’t. You have to develop your own sense of fashion based on your personal style, but also common sense in what a middle aged women should and should not be wearing.

1. Too-trendy denim

Low-rise, distressed, embroidered, torn, ripped, etc. – you name the trend that’s attempting to make the homeless look seem cool, and then stay away from it! Simple and clean denims like bootcut jeans in dark washes are what suit you best.

2. Cheap chonies

As middle age approaches, women become all too familiar with things creasing, stretching, drooping, etc. That’s why it’s important to own good quality underwear that will fit all your curves and lines (that you should be proud of) perfectly, but also to keep things perky and “uplifted”.

3. Excessive cleavage

The key to a middle-aged woman’s style should be subtlety. There’s no reason why she shouldn’t be sexy or show herself off, but at this age, that becomes more about the subtle nuances than full on cleavage, which will come off tacky and like you’re trying too hard. So, keep your necklines at least halfway above the bust line.

4. Stripper heels

Let’s be honest, there’s no way you’re going to be able to spend an entire evening walking around in 6-inch high heels, what with all the new aches and breaks that have been becoming all too familiar. Not to mention, they look tacky and cheap as well. So, leave those stripper heels behind with your 20s, and pick designer shoes that not only look amazing, but are also comfortable.

5. Crop tops and hot pants

Again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show yourself off, but crop tops and hot pants are a big no-no. All they do is make you seem like you’re in denial about your age. Instead of baring your midriff, pick pieces of clothing that draw attention to whatever part of your body you want to show off without baring too much skin. Again, the subtlety is sure to pay off.

6. Boastful graphic tees

Graphic tees might be a great way to express yourself, but you should stay away from those that are too loud or obnoxious. These make you seem immature and gaudy. On the other hand, a simple, comfortable t-shirt of high quality can be worn in many ways, whether it be casual or dressy.

7. Skimpy skirts

Banish any mini – or God forbid, micro-mini – skirts from your closet as soon as possible. They may have looked cute on your younger self, but they just make your middle-aged self look too cheap and garish. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that is more than 4 inches from the knee.

8. Giant hobo bags

We talked earlier about how subtlety is key, and with these bags, you can throw that idea out the door. It might seem like everywhere you look, trendy celebrities and instagram models are trotting these massive bags with an unecessary amount of bells and whistles around, but trust us, it’s definitely something you should stay away from!

9. Loud accessories

The way you accessories should also be a way to express your cool, matured self. Things like rubber bracelets, novelty rings, plastic earring, zebra purses, etc. do nothing but show the world that you are trying too hard to still seem trendy, and that ultimately makes you look tacky. Instead, pick simple, timeless pieces that seem expensive and elegant. And if you must have a funky accessory, limit it to one per outfit.

10. Color coordinated makeup

Although it seems like we’re repeating ourselves, it just cannot be said enough. Keep your makeup as subtle and elegant as your clothes. There’s no need to cake on an obnoxious amount of makeup, especially if you’re trying to match your outfit. Soft, delicate makeup that compliments your features is the way to go!

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