5 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Lose Weight No Matter What

3. You’re Distracted When You Eat

In this age of technology and screens, it can seem difficult to set apart some time for meals, three times a day, away from anything and everything that distracts you from the plate of food in front of you. But not only does this lead to lower satisfaction of the food you eat, it may also cause you to eat a lot more.

Research has proven that mindless eating (while staring at the TV, talking on the phone, etc.) can lead to weight gain as we tend to eat more and feel less full/satisfied with the meal. This might also lead to some unhealthy snacking in between, which, let’s face it, you’ll probably also do in front of a screen. The ideal scenario would be to sit down with your food without any distractions and focus on it solely.

4. You Overcompensate For Workouts

After a hard day’s work at the gym where you huffed and puffed and sweated until your clothes were soaked, you can feel a little proud of yourself. You might even feel like you deserve a little treat, surely a cold soda and a few slices of pizza aren’t going to hurt after you put so much effort into losing those calories?

That’s where you’re wrong! Most of us are guilty of eating more than we burned off at the gym, which means that you’re going to end up with more calories than you started with! And let’s not forget that we only went to the gym to get rid of those calories that we’d already consumed. The truth is that even an hour on the treadmill is probably not enough to cover the damages of a fast food binge session.

5. You Don’t Know Why You Want To Lose Weight

As with any action, decision, or change we make in our lives, we need to have a clear direction from the get-go. Similarly, mindlessly trying to lose weight by cutting a few snacks here and there or walking a few extra steps on your morning commute is not going to get you to your end goal.

Stop and think. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to lead a healthier lifestyle, to reduce your risk of hereditary diseases like diabetes, or maybe to set the right example for your kids? Knowing your motivations will help your actions. You also need to set a goal, and work towards it, whether it be cutting junk food from your life, losing a specific amount of weight, or kicking that nasty problem that has arisen from being overweight. Once you’ve got those sorted, you’ll have lost weight before you know it!

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