8 Classic Cheesy Rom-Com Inspired Moments You Can Have in Real Life

You know those cheesy moments in romantic comedies that have you rolling your eyes when you watch them while you’re single? Fast forward to when you actually have a boyfriend/girlfriend and you’re falling in love, and suddenly, you want to have all those moments with this person that’s making you look like the real-life version of the hearts-for-eyes emoji.

Well, here are some classic rom-com moments that you can have in real life:

1. Dancing/Kissing in the Rain

This is one of the most common romantic comedy tropes, but a logical person would run to take shelter when it starts raining suddenly, right? Well, a person in love has a diminished capacity for logic anyway, so grab your beau and get dancing! Who cares if you look silly, just channel your inner Allie and Noah ala The Notebook!

2. Writing Them a Song

If you’re a musician by profession/hobby, this should be a piece of cake for you. Just imagine how amazing your love will feel when you surprise them with a special song you wrote just for them? But, even those of you who are musically challenged can do this. Your partner won’t care if you’re a lyrical genius. It’ll give them a good laugh and fill their hearts with love – for you!

3. The Titanic Moment

Titanic has a lot or romantic moments, and a fair bit of them quite saucy. Although you’re free to recreate any of those on your own time, we’re talking specifically about the moment where Jack and Rose are standing together with their arms stretched out at the front of the ship. The moon shining down, the wind flowing, your partner pressed up against you as you feel the boat rush through the water… sigh. If you’re ever lucky enough to get on a boat, don’t miss this opportunity!

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