8 Classic Cheesy Rom-Com Inspired Moments You Can Have in Real Life

7. The Makeover

How many times have we seen this scene in a romantic comedy where the shy girl or the nerdy guy gets a makeover, and suddenly their love interest sees them in a completely different light? Well, you probably wouldn’t want to be with someone as superficial as that in real life, but it wouldn’t hurt to give your already loving and accepting partner a surprise by getting a makeover.

8. Handwritten Letters

In the age of iPhones, emails, and texting, no one really has the time to sit down and actually write a letter – which is why it could be a super romantic surprise for your partner. The next time you want to do something special for them, instead of spending too much money, surprise them with a handwritten letter telling them how much you love them. If you need inspiration, just watch movies like P.S. I Love You or Letters to Juliet.

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