15 Reasons Why Your Best Friend Is The Ideal Life Partner For You


Finding that special someone to go through life with is one of the biggest pleasures of a human’s life. Some people might say they prefer the single life, but they’ll change their tune once the notorious love bug gives them a bite. Others swear off love because they’ve been scarred in the past, but all that means is that the person they’re meant to be with is still yet to find them.

The best kinds of relationships are those where you and your partner are best friends. The kind of relationship where you can’t wait to see each other at the end of the day, you don’t want to keep secrets from them because you trust them completely, and you have fun with them. Unfortunately, not everyone finds this kind of special relationship. Some people grow closer together over time to reach this status, but a lucky few get to begin their relationship as best friends already.

So if you’ve been starting to crush on your best friend, and have been thinking “this will never work”, give it a chance! Here are 15 reasons why your best friend is the ideal life partner for you:

1. You Already Like Each Other

You don’t have to worry about if the person might turn out to be a d-bag or if they won’t like your personality, looks, etc. If you’re best friends, there’s no doubt that you already like each other. Now, the question is to find out whether you “like like” each other.

2. You Know Each Other’s Secrets

When you get into a new relationship, one of the things that you worry about is that there are some skeletons in their closet that you don’t know about. You might also worry about some secret of yours and how you might come around to tell them. When your best friend becomes your life partner, there is no worry of that because both of you already know everything there is to know about each other!

3. You Trust Them

Most people tend to trust their best friends even more than they do their boyfriend/girlfriend. This is because with your best friend, you know you can tell them anything in the world and they won’t judge you. Trust is one of the keystones of any relationship and having a powerful base like that will definitely make your relationship stronger.

4. You Have Fun Together

You already love spending time with your best friend because you have fun with them. You can spend all day talking to each other, or just doing different things while being together in the same space. From movies and songs to restaurants and travel, you know exactly what they like and how to get them to come out of their shell.

5. You Share Common Interests

You’re friends with them because you have things in common and share the same beliefs. Even with things that you disagree on, you probably already have it all out in the open. This is a huge plus, as many relationships break up because both parties cannot seem to agree on or reach a compromise on something.

6. You Won’t Grow Tired Of Each Other

One of the biggest issues in a relationship is that the spark fades out over time. You might be smitten with each other at first, but things that seem charming become irritating later on. But with your best friend, you’ve probably been together for a while and you still like each other, so SCORE!

7. They Understand You

Your best friend is probably the person who knows you best in the whole world. They know your quirks and moods and why you act the way you act at times. That’s why there’s little room for misunderstanding. If you’re in a bad mood, they’ll recognize it and know how to deal with it.

8. They Support You

One of the main things in a relationship is support. You want the person you’re in love with to support you through life’s endeavors, be it as simple as getting through the flu or pushing you to pursue your dreams. You know your best friend is always going to be there for you as pillar of support, no matter what!

9. You Know How To Make Each Other Happy

When the person you’re in love with is upset, it upsets you. And when it’s you that’s feeling down, you feel like you need someone that will lift your spirits. If you’re dating a stranger, it takes time to learn these things about each other, but your best friend already knows how to make you happy and you know the same about them.

10. You’ve Already Fought & Made Up

One of the biggest tests of a relationship is that first fight. Everything might be going peachy, but you don’t know how they’ll deal with conflict or if they’ll compromise. When it’s your best friend, chances are you’ve had a number of fights already, and obviously, you’ve made up!

11. You Can Be Yourself

When you’re getting into a relationship, you’re always on guard and try to present your best side. When it’s your best friend, you can throw those worries right out the window because they’ve already seen your worst side and it’s nothing new to them!

12. You Have Inside Jokes

Being silly, having fun, laughing at and with each other is one of the best parts of a friendship. Just because you become lovers doesn’t mean any of that is going to change – it just means you’re going to have the most awesome rapport with your life partner ever!

13. You Set Realistic Expectations

You know who your best friend is and they know who you are, so you know each other’s potentials and limitations. You won’t be expecting them to be a hopeless romantic when you already know they prefer showing love in a subtler form. Having unrealistic expectations can be the downfall of a relationship, so you can avoid that here.

14. You Have A Solid Social Life

You guys are best friends, who probably have already met and like each others friends. So you don’t have to worry about your friends not liking them or theirs not liking you!

15. You Know It Will Last

You’ve already pictured yourself growing old with them by your side. You’ve already imagined what you’ll be like when your hair’s gone gray or when you have children. Now all you have to do is combine your lives and picture the perfect love story playing out.

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