10 Tips to Help You Understand Your Woman

Are you in a relationship right now, or maybe you’re looking for someone? Trust us, we know how tough it is to find the right person. Once you do find the perfect woman (perfect for you, since there is no such thing as a flawless human being), it’s hard work keeping her happy and satisfied, right? We’ve all seen those memes and jokes on our social networking feeds making fun of how woman are so difficult to understand and please.

Well, sometimes, they can be a little accurate. Women are magical, mysterious beings, and sometimes even we find it difficult to figure out what we want. But that’s also true for all humans, and woman have the added benefit of hormones wreaking havoc on our bodies several times every single month! But regardless of all that, a woman will give you all her love if you give her a few simple things in return.

But how do you know what is it she wants? Well, grab a notebook and pencil and settle down, because here’s your guide to getting the girl, getting her to fall head over heels in love with you, and making sure she stays.

Listen to What She Has to Say

Communication is key in a relationship, and that is equal to both sides. But most of the time, women feel like they are not being heard, that their needs are not being met, and their afraid of labelled as needy and selfish and paranoid if they were to communicate such feelings. So, it’s important to ask her how she feels about a certain decision and to make sure that she understands that her opinions matter to you.

Give Her Space

Although she loves spending time with you, there may be certain times where she needs to be by herself or go do something without you. It may be going out with her friends, or spending an evening curled up on the couch with her favorite book, or even taking a long, warm, soapy soak in the tub after a long day. Whatever it may be, this time spent alone will help her recharge her batteries and make your lives individually and together better.

Trust Her to Make Her Own Decisions

Trust her to make the choices she wants and respect her privacy. If a woman feels like her partner is being suspicious, it’ll make her feel insecure and make her put her walls up. So, clamp that jealousy or feeling of superiority down, and treat her like the adult she is!

Bring on the Butterflies

One of the most valuable aspects of a romantic relationship is the special brand of affection and intimacy that it brings along. Little things like holding her hand, telling her you love her, a kiss on the forehead, cuddling with her as you wake up together, surprising her with flowers, taking her out to her favourite restaurant… these kinds of small gestures mean the world to her, and will make her feel like the queen!

Emotional intimacy is just as, if not more important as physical intimacy. If a woman cannot share her deepest secrets, fears, dreams and wishes, what’s even the point of being in love? She must be able to share her true self with you utterly without fear of judgement or disapproval.

Be Her Rock

Stand by her side always, encourage her, motivate her and help her when she needs it. She can fight her own battles, but it makes her stronger to know that she has you in her corner.

Make Her Feel Special

Don’t forget to tell her how special she is to you and why, and do it often! Tell her in detail about the things you love about her, she won’t ever get tired of hearing it even if you told her every day.

Make Her Realize Her Value

Let her know that you respect her, and are proud of her achievements. There is no one else in the world that can take her place in your life, so make sure she knows that she matters to you, that she is your number one priority!

Be Kind to Her

Always be considerate and compassionate, and do not take the stresses of your life out on her. The time spent with her must feel like a safe haven away from the pressures of the outside world. Subjecting her to unkind words and neglection will not only hurt her deeply, it will also make your own life miserable.

And when she makes a mistake, don’t forget that she too is human. Try and control your anger, and forgive her as soon as you would have liked to be forgiven if you were in her position.

Connect with Her: Mind, Body, and Soul

Have you heard of ‘sparks flying’ between two people? Yeah, you need to make that happen. Make her long to see you when you’re not there. Make her face light up when she sees you, make her body tingle when you’re close to her.

Just… connect with her on as many levels as possible. Share your ideas, ask for and give input. And when you have a difference of opinion, make sure to explain your point of view while being considerate and try to understand her side of belief as well.

Make Her Feel Desired

From the time she is born, a woman is constantly told she is too thin, needs to lose weight, her skin is too pale, her hair is too bland, her mouth is too big, her height is too short, etc., etc., etc. So, it is your job to make her feel wanted. Don’t forget to tell her she is gorgeous, and appreciate her beauty whether she is all glammed up or curled up on the bed in her favourite worn-out pajamas.

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