5 Unexpected Medicinal Uses Of Mint

1. Dental & Oral Hygiene

Mint is a common ingredient used in modern toothpaste, and that’s not just because it smells good. In fact, the benefits of mint extend far beyond helping you get rid of bad breath (which is also pretty important, to be honest). Mint is a natural herb that can help get rid of lingering food particles in your mouth, which would ultimately lead to the growth of bacteria, which would then lead to several issues such as tooth decay and bleeding gums.

Furthermore, mint is an effective medicine in the treatment of tooth pain and sensitive teeth. Due to its effectiveness in getting rid of bacteria in the mouth, it ultimately helps preserve the overall hygiene of your mouth. This will help keep problems such as laryngitis and sore throat at bay. If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, try gargling your mouth with some peppermint oil mixed with warm water several times a day until the issue goes away.

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