6 Ways to Fight Morning Sickness through Home Remedies

Pregnancy is one of the most life-altering experiences in a woman’s life. They go through a range of emotions from elation to anxiety, courtesy of all the hormones bumping into each other inside their ever-changing bodies. Another not-so-pleasant side effect of these hormones is morning sickness.

Although it says “morning” in the name, a better name would be “all-day sickness” because the nausea, vomiting, dizzy spells, etc. can last all day long. Typically, most woman experience it in the first trimester of pregnancy but some can struggle with it the entire 9 months. This can sour what is supposed to be one of a woman’s happiest times in her life.

Most medications are out of the question, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, as they can be harmful to the fetus. But we have some natural home remedies that you can try that are perfectly safe and might just work! Here are 6 home remedies to fight morning sickness during pregnancy.

1. Lemon

Lemons are an excellent aid in fighting nausea, which is why they could be your best friend when fighting against morning sickness. Lemons are also great for digestion and so will help your stomach settle down easier.

Sucking on a lemon straight will do the trick, but most people won’t be too eager to try that. Instead, squeeze a bit of the fruit into a cold glass of water or hot cup of tea. It’s important that you stay away from “lemon-flavored” desserts, as sugary treats can do more harm than good.

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