12 Facts About The Chinese New Year You Probably Didn’t Know

4. Holidays Galore!

Schools and workplaces are given holidays ranging from a single day to a month, depending on the country. While places like Indonesia and Philippines have just one day of holiday, people in Malaysia and Korea can except up to three days. In China, the New Year symbolizes the winter vacation, and usually includes a week’s holiday (schools may have about a month off).

5. A Family Affair

Family plays a very important role in the Chinese New Year. Families will travel together for vacation, or travel to see each other. The celebrations typically involve a family reunions and grand meals, as well as the gifting of money and presents to younger members.

6. Red is the New Red

You might have wondered why the Chinese seem to prefer red, and it’s because the color is believed to symbolize good health and fortune. Houses will be decorated with red lanterns, various other red decorations, and strips of red paper called “Chunlian” that contain good messages. Money is also gifted in red envelopes. On the flip side, black and white clothes are a taboo as they symbolize loss and mourning.

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