18 Quick, Tasty & Easy Kids Lunchbox Recipes That They’ll Actually Enjoy

We all know how kids can be the pickiest eaters around. You slave away in the kitchen making something you deem delicious and all you’ll get is a “yuck”. It can be real struggle when thinking of ides to pack as lunches for your child’s school day because you won’t be there to make sure they eat their veges, and there’s no way to convince them.

This can be worrisome because of course its important that children get the nutrition they need. Their tiny growing bodies eat up a lot of energy and they might feel ill if they don’t get enough “fuel”. Of course, they’ll eat as many candy and junk food as they can get their hands on, but that’s not exactly healthy, is it?

Here are some quick, tasty and easy recipes that you can pack for your kid’s lunchbox that he/she will actually like, and get the nutrition that is necessary!

1. Multigrain Pizza

Tutorial: https://food.ndtv.com/recipe-multigrain-pizza-172626

Which kid doesn’t love pizza? And the best part is that they’re getting a whole load of nutrition and -shh- they’ll never even know it!

Vegetarian pizza

2. Chicken & Avocado Rollups

Tutorial: http://www.delish.com/cooking/recipes/a52540/chicken-avocado-roll-ups/

These chicken and avocado rollups are a great thing to pack in your kids’ lunchbox because it is a twist on the regular wrap. It is not only delicious, but extremely easy to make and healthy to eat.

3. Peach Pie Pops

Tutorial: https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/peach-pie-pops/45e92937-0339-4e19-9381-4c3aedcee3ac

What’s better than regular pie? Mini versions of them! Mini pies-on-a-stick are super cute and are easy to pack in a lunch as well. Pack it as a treat for the end of a healthy lunch, and your kids will love you!

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