15 Weird Guinness World Records You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

4. Most Instagrammed City in the World

This world record seems well suited to the current age of social media. The title of the world’s most Instagrammed city goes to…. drum roll please New York! That’s right, the Big Apple with all of its photogenic qualities has held this title since early 2017.

5. Farthest Milk Squirt From Eye

Iker Yilmaz has been the world record holder for squirting milk out of his eye at a distance of 9 feet and six inches since the year 2004. The event occurred in Istanbul, Turkey. I only have one question: how would one even know that they could do something like that with their body?

6. Most Canned Drinks Opened by a Parrot in One Minute

San Jose, USA resident Zac the Macaw must have been seriously dehydrated because he holds the current world record for most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute. The number of cans was 35!

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